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My Wind arrived

my two little babies

my two little babies

I just got my wind a couple of days ago. I’m typing this post on it right now. It’s an amazing little machine. they keyboard is fantastic for a device of this type – it feels better than the keyboard on my Macbook. Not that Macbooks are known for great keyboards, but still I find it quite impressive for a machine this size.

I’m really quite taken with the form factor as well. It’s so much smaller than I imagined – yet after having used it for a couple of hours the size seems just perfect. My Macbook know feels like it’s massive and very clumsy.

Performance-wise I’m also quite impressed. Granted I’m not using it for anything really taxing, but I see that as being the entire point with a machine this size. It’s great for doing online stuff, twittering, e-mail, facebook. As I read in a review it’s a machine for content consumption not so much for creation.

After receiving the machine I wiped the original XP home install that came with it and then installed XP professional. I don’t think there’s a massive difference, but I had a license lying around so I figured I might as well use that.

I also dabbled with dual-booting and now have a working OSX Leopard installation in separate partition. OSX works wonderfully on this little machine except for the built-in wireless card and the headphone and microphone ports. I’m getting a new wireless card and hope that someone much smarter than me figures out the sound issues. The forums are awesome for getting help with anything related to this

But all in all. Beautiful little machine. Usable in a way the Eee never even came close to be.

Things to love:

  • Awesome form factor
  • Quite satisfactory build-quality
  • Really good keyboard
  • Bright screen
  • Snappy performance
  • Runs quite cool

Things to gripe about:

  • The “, .- ‘ ยจ^” keys are half sized compared to the others and that makes typing fast a problem
  • Battery time is a joke – you’re pretty lucky if you can squeeze a little over two hours out of the 3-cell battery – if portability is in any way a point for you then make sure to get the 6-cell version
  • The insane amount of little blinking LEDs. WTF were the designers of this thing thinking?

I’ll definitely be posting more about this little wonder as I start using it around more.


Return to blogging

After what can only be called a long hiatus I’m back to recovering the burning ruins of my blog. My last post was about the MSI Wind and ironically I’m still very much in love with that little piece of tech. I actually signed up for a pre-order. I could probably get it faster through ebay or some such, but I’d like to have a Danish keyboard and a proper warranty.

I did however also get an iPhone on ebay. I figured it was about time I took my geekhood a little more seriously. I was cheap and got the “old” iPhone. They’re cheap and abundant on ebay these days and it seems that with the 2.0 firmware update you’re really not missing out on that many killer features. If I don’t like it I can always sell it on without incurring major losses. They seem to be going for a bit more here in old DK than on ebay.

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