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Mac calendar syncing on the cheap

Ever since I got my iPhone I’ve been wanting to integrate its calendar app more into the planning of my day to day stuff. I did some research initially, but gave up about finding a solution that didn’t tie me into some sort of perpetual sync-software subscription model for ages. There are lots of available options if you want to pay, but I wanted free. Not as in speech, but as in beer.

I finally found a setup that works for me. It is as follows: My google calendar account is the heart of the operation. That’s where my different calendars are all based. On my iPhone I installed the excellent app called Nemussync. While neither the website nor the utility is super flashy it works beautifully out of the box and does two-way synchronisation between your iPhone and your google account. Setting it up for automatic updates can’t be done from the GUI yet, but it’s a fairly benign little hack (you basically just have to copy a .plist file to a directory, it’s on the nemussync page under FAQ).
Now that the iPhone is hooked up to the google account all we need to do is set up some hefty syncing between ical and the google account. Google calendar now supports CalDav which means that you can sync your calendars both ways for free. Google even supplies a nifty little tool to accomplish this. The process is really quite seamless and my experiences thus far are really positive. Thumbs up to all the macheads at google who make this possible.

Oh… and screw you mister Jobs and your overpriced MobileMe disaster.


google’s april’s fool?


Joint venture company Virgle. Objective: permanent settlements on Mars. Godspeed.

A list of previous hoaxes from our information mongering overlords.

How to…

I was typing in my search field picture-1.pngon Firefox today looking for help on how to do something. Firefox’s brilliant suggestion feature started coming to my help as I was searching and there were some really profound insights to be gained about the basic necessities of humans in what people were searching for.
Love, perceived attractiveness, livelihood, guitar playing, drawing and the interwebs. That’s apparently what we humans need. Or maybe my search results were influenced by my search history.

It actually lines up beautifully with Maslow’s hierarchy of needs maybe apart from a lack of food scavenging tips and maybe some cooking lessons. I suppose the ubiquity of pre-processed food in the Western world makes such how-tos redundant.

What does the google see as your top 10 how to suggestions?

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