Make the perfect netbook

I read daily – it’s been in my mobile computing category for a quite a while. Today he has an interesting post asking readers to put together their perfect netbook. The caveat? They can only use parts from already existing netbooks.

I’ve been following the netbook market since way before the phrase netbook was even applied to these little beauties so I thought I’d give it a go:

My perfect netbook:

  • Processor:Intel Atom (the one they pretty much all use these days)
  • Screen:10.2 inch LED like the one on my wind. I still catch myself wishing that the bezel on the wind would be a tad narrower. I think they could have squeezed an 11″ screen in here if they’d wanted to. I know that at this point it’s just a convention and also Microsoft helps limit innovation in the space with their pretty rigid requirements for netbooks. But the more screen real estate the better. I think the resolution could be bumped to 1280×768 or something similar, but I don’t think any 10″ netbooks have that combination.
  • Keyboard:HP Mininote. I’m satisfied with the keyboard on the wind. I’m typing on it right now and it’s performing great. I haven’t used my macbook really since I got the wind, but the Mininote allegedly blows everyone out of the water in this aspect. Might as well benefit.
  • Wifi:Draft-N module on the newest Eee series. This is not a deal breaker for me either way. 802.11g would fill my needs as well.
  • Storage:Hard drive for me please. I appreciate SSD, but my tragic experiences with the original Eee and the constant space constraints have jaded me. A SATA drive feels just as snappy in real world usage scenarios as the discount SSDs.
  • Other connectivity:Card reader (nice to have, not important), express card slot (nice to have, but I’ve never used one up till now), 3G module (Definitely a plus. Would eliminate the need for tethering)
  • Styling:I really like the wind’s styling. I’d remove all the stupid LEDs, and make the entire thing matte instead of glossy. And black. I’m not big on all the casual colour-schemes.

I think that’s all I could come up with for my ideal netbook.


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