More info on the MSI Wind

MSI WindSo finally there are some specs out on the MSI wind. What first appeared to be a proper first take on the device turned out to be just a showing of a prototype. Not that there is anything wrong with showing prototypes, but it’s just slightly anti-climactic and may not be reason for videotaping and setting the gadget-themed blogosphere on fire.

Here’s the coverage at engadget and to save you having to read through the coverage here’s a link to the turkish guy who got to fondle the unit.

The keyboard seems nice, the design is decent, but what’s with all the leds? Do we really need 8 (eight!) little lights just to insure that everything’s working properly. Sometimes less is really more, people.
Who makes a product release in Turkey anyway? WTF!

UPDATE: Turns out the MSI Wind is the Medion Akoya that was mentioned around the blogosphere recently umpc portal has the scoop.


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