streaming media on the Eee

I’ve managed to grow quite frustrated with the Eee. I do primarily use it for surfing and the odd youtube video, but always suspected that I’d like to watch some videos etc. too.

This turns out to be a little more difficult than anticipated. Either way, after a little messing around and lots of google-fu, I found enough instructions to get a semi-reliable server solution going, so I can stream video from a network share on my macbook to the Eee.

I’ll post a more in-depth tutorial later, couldn’t find one online to specifically cover my needs, but to get you started here’s a brief overview (I’m using the stock Xandros install in easy mode):

  1. Download Sharepoints for your mac here
  2. Setup network share on Mac using sharepoints. I chose my movies folder, but obviously any folder will do.
  3. Enable windows sharing in system preferences
  4. Restart a half a million times (it feels like it)
  5. On the Eee, open file manager and choose tools > mount network share
  6. Browse to the mac and voila.
  7. Select reconnect on startup

I’m having some stability issues with streaming movies. Lots of choppiness, I can’t figure out if this is because I’m streaming wirelessly on a 802.11G connection and the proverbial tubes are not fat enough or if I’ve misconfigured something somehow. Any feedback appreciated.


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